Lynne Hackles                                   

Butterfly writer


I work as a tutor for a leading Home Study School, specialising in their ‘Writing the Short Story’ and ‘Writing for Children’ courses.

I have tutored creative writing classes for Birmingham University School of Continuing Studies, Worcester Technical College, Writers’ Holiday at Caerleon and NAWG’s Festival of Writing. 

I have also given talks and led workshops to groups all over the U.K.



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Lynne with her story mixing bowl.

I’m available for talks and workshops

If you would like to book a talk or a workshop on any aspect of writing then please get in touch. Let me know where you are and when your group meet, or when you would like a day with me, and I’ll get back to you.

Subjects covered include:

  • Becoming a successful writer
  • Characterisation and dialogue
  • Elements of a short story
  • Making the most of your life experiences
  • Plotting and viewpoint
  • Writing fiction for the women’s magazine market
  • Writing for money
  • Writing stories with a twist in the tale (tail)
  • Using Personal Experience in your writing

Comments on Lynne's workshops:

Angus Writers had a wonderful day full of all that aspiring writers crave, from an experienced, entertaining television star! You name it, it was covered, often with much hilarity. Lynne's message is 'If I can do it, so can you.' We all went home inspired. Never mind 'No Deal' – we couldn't have asked for a better deal! Eleanor Fordyce

Four years ago, I went to the Writers' Holiday at Caerleon to learn how to finish my novel and went to Lynne's short story course to fill in the other half of the week.  She came into that huge hall, with a mixing bowl in one hand, a big smile on her face and started talking about recipes and how to put  a bit of sparkle in your writing – and it was like she'd flicked a switch in my head. Since then I've sold over a hundred stories to various magazines and Woman's Weekly have just taken my first serial and are eager to see the next - and I still can't quite believe it. As I complete each story I still check it for what I now think of as 'Lynne's bit of sparkle'.  Thanks a million, Lynne! Paula Williams

What a lovely inspiring speaker Lynne Hackles is. So natural and confident and clearly enjoying it. Her comments and anecdotes were most encouraging, as well as entertaining. Audrey Pembroke

Lynne’s talks are thoroughly enjoyable and very enlightening. She's a mine of advice and information for writers and would be writers alike. Coupled with her warm and very entertaining personality, she's a joy to listen to. Approachable and down to earth, her workshops are both inspiring and great fun to do. Hilary Halliwell

I am not usually one for workshops, but I found Lynne's sense of humour broke down my reservations. Her workshop on How to Break into the Women's Magazine Markets was informative and inspiring.  Eileen Thornton

I found Lynne's workshop to be great fun as well as extremely informative. She taught with warmth and generosity and her enthusiasm for her subject was infectious - I caught the bug. Francine Lee

Lynne's workshop was great fun. Full of laughter and a great deal of learning. She took us through constructing a story step by step. I came away with a better understanding of how to write short stories that sell. Kate Jackson Bedford 

Upcoming Events


SWWJ Weekend, Cambridge

September 24th-26th

Day workshop at Titchfield, Hampshire

Thursday, September 30th

Day workshop at Hastings

Saturday, October 2nd

Day workshop in Dartford

Saturday, November 20th