Lynne Hackles                                   

Butterfly writer


I can’t envisage a time when I won’t be writing short stories. Most of mine are targeted at the magazine market but occasionally one pops into my head which doesn’t have a market and it’s these I use for competitions.

Way back in 1983 I was awarded first prize in a story competition organised by Radio Wyvern. I’ve been second in the Real Writers’, highly commended Bridport and Writers News. Short listed in the Ian St James awards, the CWN Brian Moore and the Lichfield & District competitions. I was a finalist in the NAWG (National Association of Writers’ Groups) short story competition and runner-up in Focus on Fiction.

I hate it when writers say they have been published in ‘various’ magazines so I’m going to give a list of the ones my stories have appeared in.

QWF, Cadenza, Writers’ Forum, Highlife, My Weekly, Annabel, People’s Friend, Woman, Chat, Bella, Best, Lounge, Take a Break, Take a Break’s Fiction Feast, Take a Break’s Specials, and in Australia, Woman’s Day, That’s Life!, Fast Fiction, Take 5, Yours and New Idea.

Stories for children and teenagers in Catch, Mandy, Bunty, Judy, Girl, Mandy Annual, Girl Talk.


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